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Ken's New Food


Date Age I start to eat..
29-11-2003 5m 11d rice cereal
08-12-2003 5m 26d fish (threadfin fish or "ngo hi") porridge
23-12-2003 6m 11d fish porridge + carrot
27-12-2003 6m 15d apple (scrap)
28-12-2003 6m 16d sweet potato puree
02-01-2004 6m 21d apple juice
04-01-2004 6m 23d butternut squash puree
10-01-2004 6m 29d apple puree
17-01-2004 7m 5d avocado
31-01-2004 7m 19d minced pork
08-02-2004 7m 27d pear
13-03-2004 9m 1d mashed hard boiled egg yolk
20-03-2004 9m 8d yoghurt (vanilla)
03-04-2004 9m 22d cod fish
10-04-2004 9m 28d chicken drumstick with little meat left
17-04-2004 10m 5d Si Sen Brown Rice cereal
24-04-2004 10m 12d Quaker Oat
01-05-2004 10m 19d bread and cheese
08-05-2004 10m 26d misua
22-05-2004 11m 10d ikan bilis powder
26-05-2004 11m 14d Vitagen
12-06-2004 12m Birthday cake
20-06-2004 1y 1w Egg McMuffin Meal - egg, muffin, hash brown, orange juice (yes, the complete meal!!)
10-07-2004 1y 1m rice for lunch
14-07-2004 1y 1m raisins