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Ken's Birth Story


11 June - doc schedule check up.. 2nd cervix check..
doc didn't say, "unlikely ..one week" BUT he went, "ah, good news..
open up 1.5 cm.."
then i asked him, "when will i deliver?" he said, "cannot tell".. but he wants
to induce me on the 17th (tue).. okie, it's fine.. i can't wait anyway..

12 June - at 3:38am.. woke up as usual to go toilet.. went back to bed..
felt a contraction.. 10 mins later, another one.. hmm.. then i was
thinking shit.. have to work on thurs and fri some more.. 2 more days..
will apply leave from Mon, etc.. after abt 1 hr of tossing and counting
my leave then suddenly i hear a "pop".. and felt wet down there..
i dare not moved.. i shook EM.. "i think my water bag break"..
EM: "hmm" (continue snoring)... shook harder..
"ooi!! my water bag break!".. he jumped up.. and help me to "verify"..
then he passes me a lot of unwanted t-shirts (prepared weeks before hand
b'coz i am afraid i will dirtied the bed..) and i went to sit on the toilet
bowl.. then it was like all kelam kabut.. change baju, etc.. and drive to
KKH (yes, KK is Kandang Kerbau)..

12 June - at 5:00am.. checked-in to KKH.. pain is still bearable..
abt 5:30.. all dress up in the Delivery Suite.. the nurse hooked me
up to a machine to monitor baby's heart beat, another one to
monitor my contraction.. at first, the contractions comes every 3 min..
still bearable.. then the nurse asked me the important Q.. (u want
epidural).. "No".. then she asked u want gas? "OK".. so i use the
gas.. suppose to inhale deeply and then the gas will come in..
wow.. i got so high man! now, i know why ppl want to take drug..
it feels so GOOD!! then, it comes nearer..

remember my heroic resolve?? it went all out the windows once
the contraction comes abt 2min apart! (then i was 3cm dilated)
EPIDURAL rocks, man!! after that.. i can just talk to EM.. normally..
no pain at all!

12 June - at 11:00am.. midwife check.. fully dilated! yay.. she now
need to turned down the epidural to half its dosage so that i can
feel the contraction to help me push..

12 June - at 11:30am.. u may push now.. so, when a contraction comes,
i took a deep breath and push.. take another breath and push and take
another and push.. 3 pushes in one minute.. well.. to be frank, it's not

12 June - at 12:09pm.. out the baby!! the nurse called out.. 12:09!
and then the "ong na" cry sound.. and then my placenta came out..
it's all so fast! EM thot they will drop the baby.. the baby like flew out..
(according to him).. i wasn't opening my eyes.. actually.. i'm so scared!!
i opened my eyes only when i hear the baby cry.. pathetic rite? but it's also
a bit hard to see.. but thank goodness.. as EM said there are so much blood!!
gross.. anyway, i was like closing my eyes.. and then come the stitches!
i closed my eyes lagi tight! and, i cried like a baby! too much emotions..
scared, relief, happy,.. cry and cry.. EM thot i was in so much pain.. it's no
pain.. but the process of someone stitching u up is so geli!! can feel
the tension of the thread.. eiii.. but really! thank goodness for epidural, man..
i dun think i can bear the pain.. and i really dunno how anyone, my mom, my
sisters all can go thru it.. well, anyway, i'm okie now.. except my backside
still hurt! i wonder if i can ever pang sai ever again..

so, now i'm at home.. trying out my another resolve of breastfeeding..
wish me luck ;) and stay resolveful.. ha ha..