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Woa.. so many things happened this month. Ken has been sleeping through the nite ie 9am-8pm since 22nd Nov and we had moved him to his own bedrrom since 17th Dec. It's better for all of us coz now all of us can sleep better esp mommy who can hear ken's every toss and turns. Let's hope that his sleeping habit continues.. *fingers crossing, toes crossing as well*

And, since i'm sleeping better, i even have the time to bake a cake, look at this

look's yummy rite? and it's sinful.. but after just 2 slices, Ken who is still on breastfeeding was cranky that whole day! i wonder, issit the caffeine? woa, so sensitive is his lil' tummy, ya?

Oh yes.. we had bought Ken a walker as well.. so now he's much more mobile.. at least side ways and backwards.. small wee steps in moving forward though.

Lastly, during his 6th mth jab of Hep-B vaccine, we found that he only put on 0.03kg after ONE whole mth! And, that's even when he started solids abt a mth ago as well! Geez. Hmm, looks like he's "maintaining" his weight which we are not sure if it's good.. sigh.

Opps, i'm ranting too much. So, here i'll stop.

Happy New 2004 to y'all!!

~ Biow