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Ken is ONE!!

He being one means a great deal to me cos I finally reached my 1 year mark! This is my target for him. To breastfeed him for 1 year. It seems insane to be so overly concern about this aspect. But it is somewhat like I have reach a milestone. Something like I have reached my goal.

And, I'm going to quote what I posted in the bfg forum I frequent, so that I will remember what I felt:

it has been 1 year.. time flies.. i guess most of us will not believe how far we can make it, including myself.. looking back, i'm ever grateful to all of your encouragements! i have been reading this Breastfeeding Moms thread from page 1 since the day i joined.. it has been really wonderful to have this form of support when i can't get thru to BMSG or LLL.. i can only feel that all of u here are so generous in spirit and un-selfish! it's really hard to find this kinda ppl these days.. so i wd like to say a BIG THANK-YOU to all of u here!


HIP HIP HOORAY to all of us whether we feed BM for 1 day, 1 mth, or longer..

Looking back, I feel that "hey, I'm not too bad a mother". I'm not the motherly type. So, for now I just cruise along, and hopefully Ken will not end up in a psychiatrist's chair. ke ke ke.. *sigh*

Ahh.. now, looking at Ken, he doesn't seem to be such a baby anymore. He's now starting to cruise and soon will walk. And, when will he call me "MaMa", I wonder?


~ Biow